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NAI Capital Wireless possesses broad expertise in multiple areas

Litigation Avoidance
Our analysis of your rights can help your avoid costly litigation down the line.

Distributed Antenna System (DAS)
Site specific indoor/outdoor that delivers Wi-Fi connectivity to most devices, and we can help.

Small Cell Technology
These low-powered access nodes will in-fill and support macro sites, and we can help.

New Lease Agreements
We work to deliver the best possible outcome.

Site Valuation
We conduct a complimentary valuation of your site.

Cell Site Buyouts
We offer site owners a substantial cash payment for your cell site lease.

Lease Extension/Renegotiation
The value of your cell site might be higher now than it once was.




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Current wireless leasing rates

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Wireless Lease Resources

cell tower lease rates

We are pleased to offer a complimentary report that displays comparable lease data for the carriers in all 50 states. This report have been updated to reflect the 2018 rental rates.

How to Negotiate Higher Lease Rates through Leverage

When the opportunity arises to re-trade, renew or renegotiate your cell site lease, there are many external factors beyond the contract that can work in your favor. This report will cover simple principles that can help you gain leverage and negotiate higher lease rates.

Cell site buyouts

Property owners are bombarded by monetizers and tower companies saying they want to buy their lease. Here are five reasons why you should consider selling your cell tower lease today…

Cell Site valuation

Our team can help you get started with our five point, comprehensive cell site lease evaluation. This is a free, no obligation service we are pleased to offer across all fifty states.

Cell tower lease agreements

Property owners are contacted by cell carriers requesting space to erect towers or antennas for a specified amount of time. In many cases, the initial negotiation process isn't…

Top five ways to lose money with your cell site

Out of the estimated 450,000 cell leases across America, a large portion of them provide rental payments as low as 300% below market. We have prepared a report detailing how you could be losing revenue that we would be pleased to share.


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